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    The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) set out the basis upon which this website (the “Website”) and its related or connected services (the “Service”) will be provided to you.

    Please go through these terms thoroughly as they form a binding legal agreement between you (the “Customer”) and us. By opening an account (the “Account”) and using the Service, you agree to be bound by these terms, and any future amendments to these Terms.

    UW88India reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. For nominal amendments, we may not give prior notice to our customers. However, when there are major changes to our Terms, we will notify our Customers in advance and may require them to re-confirm acceptance of the revised Terms before the changes come into effect. If you object to any such changes, you must stop using the Service with immediate effect and the termination clauses below will come into effect. By continuing to use of the Service signifies that you agree to be bound by such changes. Any unsettled bets made prior to the changed Terms will be subject to the earlier Terms.

    For clarifications on how to use the Service and even the placement of bets, please contact UW88India via our “live” chat on

    Kindly take note that UW88India’s “live” chat function will be the ONLY means of communication between us and the Customer.

    1. User Obligations

    By using this Service, you acknowledge that you are:

    • Above 18 years old or legally recognised as an adult by the laws of your country, and can enter into a binding legal agreement with UW88India;
    • Residing in a country where it is legal to place bets on UW88India;
    • The authorised user of the credit/debit card or payment service that you use;
    • Able to pay for your bets;
    • Using the Service solely as a private individual in your personal capacity and not acting on behalf of someone else or another entity;
    • Aware that by placing bets, there is a chance that you may lose some or all of the money that you have deposited with us and that you will be fully responsible for this loss;
    • Using the Service for legitimate betting purposes only and will not manipulate any element within the Service that will compromise the integrity of the Service;
    • Willing and able to make all payments to UW88India and will not attempt to reverse any payment made to avoid paying your dues;
    • In agreement to use this Service in good faith at all times.

    2. Registration

    By using this Service, you acknowledge that you are:

    • UW88India is not obliged to open an account for any user and, as such, reserves the right to refuse a registration application without giving an explanation whatsoever to any applicant, should we deem, that proceeding would compromise the integrity of the Service;
    • All Customers must complete the registration form, read and accept these Terms, and provide valid proof of identification (i.e. India Pan card) when required;
    • All Customers must keep their personal information including contact details up to date on their Accounts;
    • Upon receiving your application, UW88India may contact you to request further information and/or documentation in order for us to comply with our regulatory and legal obligations;
    • UW88India reserves the right to suspend or restrict a user’s betting activities until the required information has been furnished. Users must understand that this is a statutory requirement and is done in accordance to applicable gaming regulations and anti-money laundering legal requirements;
    • All Customers are expected to fund their UW88India Accounts using the payment methods set out on the payment section of this Website;
    • All Customers are allowed to register ONLY ONE account with this Service, failing which all the Customers’ Accounts will be subject to immediate closure;
    • All Customers are not allowed to appoint representatives, relatives, friends, or any other parties/persons to register an account on their behalf;
    • All Customers may be subject to background checks by third-party information providers to ensure their financial worthiness and for identity verification purposes;
    • All Customers must take every care to keep their account passwords strictly private and confidential, and change such passwords regularly. Passwords must contain at least eight characters, comprising both letters of the alphabet and numbers. Passwords must begin with a capital letter;
    • All Customers must understand that it is of utmost importance to safeguard their own passwords and should there be any compromise, it would be at their own risk and expense. Users should LOG OUT of the Service after each session, and if they discover that their Accounts have been hacked into, should notify UW88India as soon as possible via our “live” chat function on;
    • In cases where Customers suspect that their Accounts have been hacked into, they must be prepared to provide additional information/documentation for identity verification purposes;
    • All Customers must be responsible for all activities on their Accounts including access by another party, be they authorised or unauthorised by the user;
    • All Customers are not allowed to transmit screenshots (or anything similar) to another party. Users must also not present to another party a distorted image of this Website in any form;
    • The currency for all deposits, withdrawals and bet placements on UW88India will be INDIAN RUPEES and TETHER (USDT) only.

    3. Prohibitions and Restrictions

    This Service should NOT be used:

    • By anyone below18 years of age or who is not legally recognised as an adult by the laws of his/her country, and as such, cannot enter into a binding legal agreement with UW88India;
    • For collecting user names and/or any other personal information of other users of this site by any means;
    • To disrupt or unduly affect or influence the activities of other users or the operation of the Service in general;
    • To promote unsolicited commercial advertisements, affiliate links, and other forms of solicitation which may be removed from the Service without notice.

    In addition, Customers understand that they:

    • Cannot sell or transfer their Accounts to another party or entity, or conversely, acquire an account from another party or entity;
    • Cannot transfer funds between Accounts by whatever means;
    • Cannot use their Accounts for unauthorised purposes, and if are found liable, will have their Accounts terminated and, if deemed necessary, may face legal actions.

    4. User Privacy and Confidentiality

    UW88India assures our Customers that any information provided to us by you will be protected and processed strictly according to these Terms and our Privacy Policy.

    We will not reveal the identity of any user who wagers on our Service unless the information is required by law by the authorities such as the Police in connection with investigation of fraud, money laundering, or sports integrity issues, or by banks or other financial entities (namely payment suppliers) in relation to financial matters.

    Upon registration, your information will be stored in our database, and as such, may be transferred to jurisdictions with varying levels of protection and security. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that your personal information may be subject to such transfer for the purpose of the provision of this Service.

    5. Account Matters

    As a Customer, you understand that UW88India:

    • Only accepts deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees and Tether (USDT). Credit will not be given for the use of this Service;
    • Reserves the right to terminate or suspend your Account without prior notice and refund any monies therein if we have reason to believe that you are not complying with these Terms and your continued use of this Service may compromise its integrity or fairness. Please be aware that we may not always provide reasons for such actions. We will, however, honour all contractual obligations already matured;
    • Reserves the right to refuse, reject or restrict any wager at any time for whatever reason, including bets perceived to be placed in a suspicious manner with the intention to circumvent our betting limits and/or our system regulations;
    • Users whose Accounts have been closed or suspended for the above-mentioned reasons may have their bets voided or cancelled;
    • Will withdraw any amount that has been mistakenly credited to a user’s Account after the user has been duly notified;
    • Will deem that a user is in debt to us should his/her Account go overdrawn;
    • Expects all Customers to inform us as soon as they become aware of any errors in their Accounts;
    • Expects Customers who deem themselves addicted to gambling to self-exclude themselves from UW88India. Alternatively, users may set limitations on their wager amounts. Requests for self-exclusion or wager limitations can be done by contacting us via “live” chat on We will process such requests accordingly. However, requests for reversals (i.e. Removing/reducing limitations) will be done after a 7-day cooling-off period;
    • Prohibits Customers to sell, transfer or pledge their Account to another individual or entity. In terms of transfer of assets, this includes, but is not limited to, account ownership, deposits, bets, winnings, rights, and claims. This transfer prohibition also encompasses, amongst others, any encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation and/or gifting in any shape or form with another party or entity;
    • Can be contacted for closure of your Account with us via “live” chat on

    6. Deposit of Funds

    UW88India Customers may deposit funds into their Account by credit/debit card, netbanking, or USDT. All deposits should be made in INDIAN RUPEES, which is the default currency of all Accounts on our Website.

    Our Customers are advised to take note that fees and charges may arise in respect of such deposits and withdrawals, and thus be responsible for such fees and charges.

    As we are not a financial institution, UW88India relies on third-party electronic payment processors to process credit and debit card deposits. As such, our Customers’ Accounts will only be credited if and when we receive an approval and authorisation code from the payment issuing institution. Without such authorisation, their Accounts will not be credited with those funds. Upon approval, funds will be deposited and held in the respective Customer Account.

    Once again, as we are not a financial institution, our Customers will not be entitled to any interest on their outstanding account balances and any interest accrued on these Accounts will be paid to us.

    UW88India hereby makes it explicitly clear that under no circumstances should funds originating from ill-gotten gains be deposited with us.

    7. Withdrawal of Funds

    UW88India Customers may withdraw up to INR5,00,000 per day subject to ONLY THREE transactions per day. All withdrawals must be made in INDIAN RUPEES, unless otherwise agreed by us.

    We reserve the right to request documentation to verify our Customer’s identity before granting withdrawals from their Accounts. Such requests for supporting documentation stands so long as our Customers hold a valid Account with us.

    All withdrawals must be made to the original credit/debit card, bank account, or USDT account used by our Customers to make payment to their UW88India Accounts. Under certain circumstances, we may allow Customers to make withdrawals to a payment method other than their original payment method. This, however, will be subject to further security checks.

    Should our Customers find that their Accounts are inaccessible, dormant, locked or closed, they could get in touch with UW88India via “live” chat on

    8. Payment Transactions and Processors

    UW88India Customers should be willing and able to pay all monies owed to us on time. They will also not attempt to reverse any payment made so as to avoid paying their dues, failing which, they should reimburse us for any charge-backs, denial or reversal of payment they made, and any loss suffered by us as a consequence thereof. We reserve the right to also impose an administration fee per charge-back, denial or reversal of payment made.

    To process payments, we reserve the right to use third party electronic payment processors and/or merchant banks. Provided that those terms do not conflict with the Terms set out here, we expect that our Customers agree to be bound by the terms of these other entities.

    All transactions made on our site may be checked for suspicious activities to prevent money laundering or terrorism financing acts. When discovered, such suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authority.

    9. Errors

    While we at UW88India make every effort to ensure an error-free operation, human error, system malfunction and/or connection issues occurring from time to time are not completely unavoidable. If such instances occur, we reserve the right to cancel or void all bets/wagers made at that time, and to correct such errors. We also reserve the right to take any money from your Account relating to the relevant bets or wagers.

    We also reserve the right to recover from you any amount that we have overpaid you, and to adjust your Account accordingly. If there are insufficient funds in your Account, we may demand that you pay us the relevant outstanding amount.

    Customers are obliged to inform us as soon as they discover an error with our Service. If a bug or virus is inadvertently transmitted to you as a result of such Service defects, we will not be held accountable and would be absolved from any direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or claims arising from such errors.

    10. Sports-specific and General Rules

    When there is a contradiction between a sport-specific rule and a general rule, then the sport-specific rule will be given precedence over the general rule.

    The winner of an event will be determined on the date of the event’s official result announcement. We do not recognise protested or overturned decisions for wagering purposes. Should any event be suspended after the start of the competition, we will decide according to our wagering rules specified for that sport.

    All results posted shall be final after 72 hours and no queries will be entertained after that period of time. We will only reset/correct the results 72 hours after the results have been posted should it be made known by the results source that they have made a human error or that there was a system error.

    The minimum and maximum wager amounts on all sporting events will be determined by us, and are subject to change without prior written notice. We also reserve the right to adjust limits on individual Accounts.

    11. Promotions

    UW88India regularly holds promotions for the benefit of our Customers. For such promotions, the following rules shall apply.

    • If we find that a Customer has made a strategy bet or auto system bet, this will be considered as a technical betting issue which fouls the rules, and the Customer may have the money in their account wallet forfeited or face suspension;
    • If the Customer wants to withdraw their winnings anytime, they should opt for “No Bonus, No Rollover”;
    • All ties, draw bets, both-side bets, voided and cancelled bets will not be considered as valid bets, and as such, will not be counted as valid turnover;
    • In roulette games, UW88India players are not allowed to bet over 15 numbers and/or to avoid bonus claims to hit rollover. Any player who runs afoul of these rules will be forfeited of their credit in the Account wallet with immediate effect;
    • Any abnormal bets, cheating bets, strategy bets, scamming, bonus hunting, double-up bets, company betting and breach of policies will lead to funds/bonuses being forfeited and/or account suspension without prior notice;
    • UW88India reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend, or terminate the above promotion or change its terms at any time without prior notice;
    • These rules apply for these games: “live” casino, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, dragon tiger, sic bo, and dragon phoenix.
    • Participating members must accept and comply with all these terms.

    12. Communication Matters

    All UW88India Customers can reach us via “live” chat on Further to these Terms, we will communicate with our Customers from time to time via notices posted on our Website. Other forms of communication and information dissemination will be determined by us as and when the need arises. All communications and notices by either you or us shall be in writing and in the English language.

    13. Force Majeure

    Despite our best efforts to take preventive measures, UW88India cannot be held liable for any failure or delay in providing our Service due to an unforeseeable event that is beyond our control. This includes an act of God; a trade or labour dispute; power failure; act, failure or omission of any government or authority; telecommunication failure of service; or any other delay or failure caused by a third party. UW88India will also not be liable for any resulting loss or damage that you may suffer. In the face of such circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel or suspend the Service without incurring any liability.